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Lone Star Lightning is one of the leading companies in the lightning protection market. You can rely on us and our expert team to manage and install from the start to finish. Our services don’t end with successful installation, we also provide maintenance of our product over the years.

We offer comprehensive and customised solutions for the following:

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection acts as a safeguard, it’s designed to protect a structure by intercepting extremely high currents of strikes and passing them safely from the structure to the ground, via a network of air terminals, conductors and ground electrodes. You can count on Lone Star Lightning to design and install a lightning protection system that ensures the safety of everything you value.

24-Hours Emergency Service

Lone Star Lightning offers a 24-hour emergency service to assist in controlling electrical disasters caused due to lightning while minimizing further risk to your property.

Customer Support

We are here to protect your home from the dangers of lightning and answer all your queries about residential and commercial lightning rod protection systems. Contact us and we’ll send a team member to your residence or office to answer all your questions about lightning rods for homes or offices. Our representative will work with you to develop a plan that will fulfill all your requirements.

Components of the Lightning Rod

Each component of a lightning protection system is designed to channel a lightning strike safely to the ground without causing harm to any part of the property; the rod provides a contact point, surge arrestors protect electrical equipment and wiring, secondary conductors prevent spark-over and side-flashes, and ground terminals carry electricity into the earth, where it is harmlessly dispersed.

The system consists of:
  • At least two ground rods, at least 10ft deep.
  • Down conductors.
  • Connect gutters and other grounded features of your home as per requirement.
  • Rods within 2ft of ridge ends and every 20ft along the ridges.
  • Protect all dormers.

Lone Star Lightning uses only the highest quality materials, and guarantees your complete satisfaction with both our work and the system. This lightning protection system does not need an external power supply and it also guarantees electrical continuity and operation after a lightning strike, in any atmospheric conditions.

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